“Long Day’s Journey Into Night Moves”

“The Caged Bird Hopes You Dance”

“Stop! (In The Time of Cholera)”
“Love Shack in the Time of Cholera”

“Total Eclipse of the Heart of Darkness”

“Anna Kareninana Hey Hey Goodbye”

“Russell Simmons Presents: Def of a Salesman”

“Frannie and Zooey and Jack and Diane”

“A Farewell to Your Loving Arms”

“Infinite Just Dance”

“Such Great Expectations”

“Shake Your Dharma Bums”

“The Metamorphosister Christian”

“All Quiet Riot on the Western Front”

“H to the Amlet”

“Their Brown Eyed Girls Were Watching God”

“The Telltale Heart of Glass”

“Billy Joel’s ‘The Stranger'”

“Moby Dick, Mo’ Problems”

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