We give a lot of weight to what a child’s name means about his or her personality.

5 thoughts on “What Children’s Names Mean (About Their Parents)

  1. you should post the times/location of some of your stand up gigs. i read your blog sometimes and wouldnt mind seeing your stand up, even though i generally despise stand up.

    1. Oh gosh, thanks! I just got to the city, so I don’t have much booked here yet! I’ll let you know as soon as I lock some stuff down.

      1. I generally hate the thing that it is that you do and would like very much also to come watch you do a thing I hate. Thanks kindly.
        You Know My Name

  2. Orthodox Jews give their kids Hebrew names, Conservative Jews name their kids after people from the Torah and Reform Jews name their kids after western cities or states.
    BTW, I love stand-up comedy but I only really like it if it’s good.

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