I imagine that many of you reading (both of you reading?) may not always have time to read longwinded and rambly anecdotes. So I have devised several statistics that you can get the gist of the trip at a glance. So when you see these abbreviations later on in the blog, you will know what they mean.

MT: Miles traveled. (Or Montana. Context clues, people.)
TMT: Total miles traveled. (Or dymomite!)
BS: Bigfoots sighted. Not bullshit!
BC: Bigfoots captured. (Before or after the death of Christ.)
TAAAC: Times AAA Has Been Called
LBJ: Pounds (lbs.) of Beef Jerky Consumed
$$$: Dollars earned (or lost) riverboat gambling (Absolute value.).

One thought on “SHA! (Some Helpful Abbreviations)

  1. Can LBJ also stand for “Lyndon B. Johnson captured”? Maybe you could bag him and Bigfoot in one fell swoop.

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