Here are a few cute preschool stories!

1. Love is in the air.
Little Boy: Are you a daddy and a teacher, or just a teacher?
Me: Just a teacher.
Little Girl: Are you married.
Me: I am not married.
Little Girl: Are you not old enough to be married?
Me: I’m old enough, I just haven’t found someone to agree to be married with.
Little Boy: Then will you be a daddy?
Me: Sometime after that, probably.
Little Boy and Little Girl: (Nod with understanding.)

2. Globetrotter?
Little Boy: What is in that cup?
Me: It’s ice and chai.
Little Boy: Chai? Do you speak hindi?
Me: I don’t, but that word is the same.
Little Boy: Is that Spanish?
Me: No, just English.
Little Boy: Oh. (Walks away.)

3. Come back, Shane.

I step into the classroom after being in California for five days. The smallest girl in my class beckons for me to crouch next to her.
Little Girl: Psst. Josh. I missed you!

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