Get one before it’s too late! Psych! Take your time.

A butterfly flaps its wings in prehistoric times…and you can eat that butterfly.

“Whenever, wherever!” (assuming Shakira agrees to endorse your time machine)

What happens in the future stays in the future!

Put your money where your mouth is and kill Hitler!

“I Break 4 The Space Time Continuum”

There’s no present like the future.

Wanna bet dinosaurs weren’t real, Christians?

Drinking and driving just got a little more exciting!

Dr. Who, Who?

Never say never. But if you do, you can go back and unsay never.

This is going to make Back to the Future the Ride look like Little Women the Ride.

Vacation in sunny Pangaea this year!

Just do it…with robot hotties from 2735.

This ain’t your granddaddy’s time machine…yet.

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