Hello Everyone!

Just a quick update! I returned home from Aspen on Sunday night (just in time to direct my preschool students’ graduation ceremony on Monday), and now I’m on my way to Nebraska. We land in Omaha early this afternoon. I hope I don’t freak out and tell everyone how big a fan of their steaks I am. Nebraska my not be as fancy as Aspen, but hopefully it will be equally fun! As far as I know, there are four of us who are doing both festivals back to back. It will be nice to see those folks again and hear how they enjoyed their two days at home. I mostly taught babies and hung out with my girlfriend. Good choices, both!

I’ll write again once something exciting happens…so maybe not in Nebraska. Kidding! My threshold for excitement includes finding a Burger King with Dr. Pepper on tap. Talk to you soon!


PS. Thank you Logan Airport for the complimentary Wifi. You truly know how to be better than the Memphis airport in many ways.

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