As an adult male human being, one is not supposed to drink milkshakes all the time.

5 thoughts on “Dude Drinks Like a Lady

  1. A traditional daquiri you would probably enjoy-its white rum-simple syrup and lime juice-its simple and tasty, not the blended strawberry creation.

  2. I recommend developing a taste for scotch on rocks. You can’t drink it quickly (for it is scotch, thus gauche and expensive to continue to drink quickly ) and it guarantees man-points.

    Also, it’ll totally get you into your Biggie inspired dance mode. You know, if that’s your thing, man.

  3. …I quietly approach a bartender and say, “What can you serve me that makes my mouth think of candy, but make people around me think of chest hair and karate?”

    HAHA! Great post Josh.

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