One thought on “Obamaland.

  1. Josh and Shawn. If there is one suggestion I can make while you are in Chicago it’s this: go to the original Pizzeria Uno. Be sure you get there early because it has been my experience that there is always a line. Also make sure you are on the right side of the street at the right Unos because across the street is the second Unos, Pizzeria Due. I’ve made that mistake before. I don’t really have anymore helpful advice because all my Chicago experience was almost a decade ago, or involved airport layovers, or came from the Blues Brothers. So I guess if you get the chance drive through a shopping mall in a police car. Also if you to the lake, the Big one that they have there, and you decide to spend all afternoon digging a hole in the sand wear a shirt or sunblock because you will get the worst sunburn of your life and Niagara Falls will be much less enjoyable.

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