Monday night the weekly open mike I host (Sally O’Brien’s in Union Square, Somerville) was turned into a roast of me and Shawn. Tom Dustin and Alvin David were the roastmasters. It was an amazingly good time. Even in spite of a blizzard the night before, tons of comics showed up to tell us (and each other) the various ways in which we are failures and undesirable people. I learned that I am boring, ugly, and bald.

Shawn and I sat on stage and drank white russians. It took me three hours to finish mine, so Shawn did the lord’s work and drank my extras. Everyone knocked the roast out of the park.

My Favorite Joke:
“The Curious Case of Benjamin Button won some Oscars. When I saw that they made a movie about a 20 year old who looked sixty, I thought: “Oh wow. Someone made a movie about Gondelman’s life.”
-Sean Sullivan

(There will be some video forthcoming when I have time to sit down with my camera and transfer it.)

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