Hey Everyone,

Last night I performed at Brandeis University (goooooo Judges?) as part of an alumni comedy event for new students.

3 thoughts on “Humble Pie

  1. Thanks for the kind words, Josh. I was honored to share the stage with you last night, and more than slightly embarrassed about what we did to it before your set.

    As far as that jok: I wouldn’t beat yourself up — gotta know your audience. That joke was a home run with that crowd, just as I’m sure you have material that kills in the clubs but you didn’t/couldn’t use last night. We definitely had a few similar moments in our set, and once or twice, they really bailed us out and got the audience back. Just the nature of a show like that, I think. Just my $0.02.

    (PS: The BK sketch is originally mine, and despite what I just said, I had similar sentiments to your own watching it last night with almost 3 years distance. But, it kills every time for that crowd, and ultimately, that’s how I sleep at night. On a bed of laughs.)

    1. Sam!

      I didn’t mean to tread on your sketch at all. I think that the way you wrote it is thoughtful and funny, but I felt like a total goofbag for calling it back in such a silly way. It’s a testament to how much people liked it that the callback worked!

      Also, I too fall asleep on a bed of laughs. Let’s perform together again soon.

      Also also. I said goofbag.


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