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People Like My CD!

Hey Guys!

Some people posted some nice reviews of my CD. If you are on the fence about getting it, read these reviews, and get your butt away from that fence. To a place where you can buy my album. (Which is here, on the internet.)

From The Comic’s Comic!

From Comedy Reviews!


Thanks for the kind words, everyone!

(If you listen to and enjoy my album, please leave some nice feedback on iTunes! It helps my ranking over there!)

Everything’s The Best!

Hey everyone! The CD I recorded in June is available for sale!

You can get it from iTunes or from Rooftop Comedy!

I worked really hard on this album, and I’m very proud of it. I’d appreciate if you gave it a listen! If you enjoy it, please leave a note saying so on the iTunes page if you have a second. If you don’t enjoy it…nevermind!

Thanks so much for your moment. Hope to hear from you all soon!